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The alignment based movement practice emphasizes spinal stabilization through core connection, proprioception, balance, and breath.  Pilates can be a great addition of consciousness to any workout.  Whether you are rehabbing an injury, prenatal/postpartum or working on your mind/body connection, pilates can be a great tool.


Boxing is a sport that has been around for centuries.  Through agility, hand/eye coordination, and stamina boxing has been a great way to challenge the physical body and the neurology of the brain.  I use the knowledge I have acquired over the last 7 years to teach boxing fundamentals and integrate cardio into your workouts. 

 Lindsay is the master of her craft, a true expert that challenges herself as much as she challenges her participants.

I was once 160 lbs at my heaviest, when I stopped weighing myself all together.  Through trial and error and self discovery in the health world I found what works for me.

I have made it a mission in my life to find comforts in even the most uncomfortable situation. I try to share this outlook with my clients. When you can keep your composure during trying times when you are out of your comfort zone, real change, growth, and personal discovery heighten. I live my life by making this life worth living and I share the same values with my clients and crew.


She’s good, It’s fun And I intend to do another 8 years at least!

After 8 years of Pilates with Lindsay I still look forward to each workout.  Always designed around my body with my personal ailments. I work long hours standing and I wouldn’t be able to do it without Lindsay’s dedicated knowledge.

– Betty Thomas

I love Lindsay!  Her passion for teaching is evident. She listens, encourages, and challenges me to find the best that I can be. Our sessions have been early morning and sometimes it’s really tough to get out of bed, but after the hour I’m invigorated and proud of myself. Having Lindsay as my teacher has been a very positive thing that I’ve done for me. 

Vicki Beck



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